About Us
Frontgifts Limited is located in Shenzhen, South China, established early in the year 2005, at the very beginning we focused on all kinds of Gifts and Premiums like USB Flash Drive, MP3 Player, and some small gifts items, and has established deep relationship with some big overseas buyers in all over the world. From the year 2010 we shifted our business to smartphone and tablet -related accessories, is now focusing on Designing, Manufacturing and selling of high-quality accessories for mobile phone, tablet PC and other consumer portable electronics. After years of development we have established a stable relationship with many suppliers who can provide reliable raw materials like leather, PU, Bluetooth keyboard, rechargeable batteries etc., now we are producing a wide range of products like protector films, hard /soft skin, power bank, Bluetooth keyboard for iPad, speakers, and some other novelty electronics.
Our design department are keeping close eyes on the latest development of mobile phone, tablet PC and consumer electronics industry, which is the source and inspiration of an new idea, Besides suppliers, we have clients and friends from all over the world, who can also provide the latest information and great new concepts, which is the key point for a successful design.
Frontgifts pay attention to employee’s training and working environments, we are a warm team and family that can work happily each day, our only goal is to be the leading company in our industry, to grow with clients, and to make a better, convenient and interesting life for all end-users.
We know the importance of environmental protection, that’s why what we produced are all Rohs-compliant, company’s goal is to provide a better life for end-users, not to increase the burden of the Earth, please cherish all the articles you own, not to waste, since we all need a beautiful and clean home.